School Days’review (part one: Makoto)


Well, how can i say this school days is by far the worst anime ever but at the same time the best ever.first of all let me tell you something, i hate all the main characters, i hate makoto, i hate sekai and also kotonoha. Ofcourse anyone will despise makoto too because of his unfaithfulness and selfishness. He always seeks what suits him best, always fooling around here and there and with this and that never ever giving a second thought about what a large scarring damage he leaves in every single one of the girls he has slept first he keeps talking all this bullshit about loving katsura-san and that she is the only one he truly loves and all that but later on you’ll find out that he thought his physical attraction of her as “love” because he was still inexperienced. Once sekai has kissed him for the first time, he completely changed from being “in love with katsura” or as he was saying to being totally bored of her just because she refused to do whatever he wants right off the bat. And then he claimed to be dating sekai because she was just right for him at the time, after all she was the one who started the so called ” practice”.anyways, then he continues to have fun with this other girl that really likes him since junior high and then the girls started to come to him for the same exact reason he started all this, to have fun and enjoy themselves.But when sekai decides to pull the “pregnant” move on makoto, everyone creeps out of makoto and leaves him all alone with no one to spend his time with.afterwards, kotonoha gets back to the picture again,i mean makoto’s picture,and he sees how she is so broken and lifeless because of what he did to her.then he starts crying and saying stuff like “i am sorry, i didn’t know..” blablabla Oh dude just STFU you think that everyone will sympathize with you just because you cried a little bit, you didn’t even say i love you or anything to her that would show your assumed “feelings” for her. Makoto again thinks that the only one he truly loves now is kotonoha and everthing else was a terrible mistake so he wants to get rid of sekai now because he just had enough of her, in addition to the massive responsibility she threw on him earlier , A BABY are you kidding me?! so it was far easier to take the katsura’s option because it has two advantages for makoto: first of all, he wants to get rid of sekai and have a peaceful life second of all is that he is all alone now and everyone is scared as hell of getting close to him so kotonoha is the only one who wants to be with him now and is actually willing to sccumb for his nasty will inorder to keep him with her.makoto can actually kill two birds with one stone.too bad for him, sekai isn’t so naiive as kotonoha and decides to ruin his plans before he can even start to implement them (which was hilariously ironic :D)so sekai kills him and keeps stabbing him once and twice and again and again as if she is repenting not only her own anger but the viewers too and she takes the revenge for herself and the other girls who are victimized by this filthy person.

Ok I know i made you all pretty much hate makoto more than you already do or for those who didn’t watch the anime won’t probably tolerate to watch such a disgusting anime.However that’s exactly my point of why this anime is kinda awesome in someway because it broke the stereotype or it crushed the reason for which most people watch anime in the first place, that is: REALITY ESCAPISM!! Well, to tell you the truth, i hate hentai and ecchi genres; i always tend to avoid them or atleast not to complete them in most cases.However, this time, (although most of you would disagree with me and oppose me) , i really did like the concept of this anime because it represents a certain group of the society that most of the other anime demonstrate in a funny UNREALISTIC way.this group accounts for the horny teenage boys which are always fantasizing about “these stuff”.It explores a new type of thinking, a particular direction which may come as a sudden realization to most people ,especially tenage girls who mostly tend to be purely romantic.Many may say that makoto is a big-time asshole and he doesn’t know anything about relationships or something called “commitment”,but if you ask me, i think that all boys at that age , if given the same exact opportunity that makoto had,they would behave in the same exact way.See my point? The problem is that boys always think that they “love” their girlfriends because they don’t have any other option and also in most cases their girlfriends agree to succumb to their perverted intentions. So atleast they have a chance to actually do what they fantasize about almost all the time. Contastly, in makoto’s case he thought he loved kotonoha at first but as she refused to yield to him, ho immediately switched to the other easy alternative  which is sekai, because basically makoto doesn’t know what love is or how this single word can hold a lot of affectionate feelings. So to say that makoto is really nasty and all is completely true but when i say this , i am not defending him, i am just saying that there is a certain aspect that we are all completely oblivious of which is the GREED. Now every one of us is born with this characteristic feature that is deeply engraved in his or her personality but the difference is that some people have the capability to suppress it while others can’t,especially teenagers. I mean, imagine yourself as a highschool student and the hottest girls are throwing themselves at you and the best thing isthey don’g want to have a serious relationship or so; they just wanna have fun,that’s all. So the question is: will you hold back? Come on be honest with yourself. I mean, you’re not a saint and even if you could hold back once or twice or even for a multiple times you are gonna lose to yourself once and believe all it takes is this one time to enter this vicious cycle of wanting more and more especially after a long period of self-restrain. So how about adolescents who never really think about the consequences, and if you think about it makoto is not even a player, he is just a big-time fool who got caught up in this silly adventure that requires a little bit slyness as a major aspect of its formidable construction, but no ofcourse not he is a teenager after all who doesn’t give a fuck about what’s right or wrong or what’s gonna happen if i did this or that. Anyways, to put it in a nut shell, i heard someone before saying that this anime is brutal , you know because makoto is the most hideous person he has ever seen, but i think this anime is brutal because it demonstrates the striking cruel reality that physical attraction is what drives boys and there is no such a thing as romance or purity or so.

So that’s it, i guess if you could actually read to this point, then that means that you agree with me from the bottom of your heart. Jk. Anyways, plz everyone if you really like my very first post then wait for my next one in which i am gonna analyze sekai’s character and plz give me your feedback about this one . I am open to all suggestions. Ok then seeya next time, Sayonara.